Battle Of Britain album review

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VICE SQUAD – BATTLE OF BRITAIN BY FUNGAL PUNK http://www.fungalpunknature.co.uk The art of perseverance is one of the few aspects of the human condition that I can genuinely applaud and encourage in others. It emanates a defiant passion, it exudes belief and it cultivates hope in many who are thinking[…]

Vice Of Spades Now on digital download

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We have just added Vice Of Spades to our BandCamp store HERE Available RIGHT NOW exclusive to the Vice Squad BandCamp BRAND NEW digital download : The Vice Of Spades EP. featuring whacked-out lockdown Country/Blues versions of four most loved and highly revered Motorhead songs, Ace Of Spades, Dancing On[…]

Vice Of Spades

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The lockdown has put an end to gigging, rehearsing and recording with the band but we have kept ourselves busy by recording acoustic versions of some of our songs and made videos at home for our ‘Vice-O-Lation’ project. We’ve embraced the DIY ethic for many years so we are used[…]

Behind ‘Ignored To Death’

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The title ‘Ignored To Death’ actually came from a Reeves & Mortimer comedy skit but the subject matter is deadly serious and the song explores the tragic results of isolation and loneliness. All her life she went unnoticed No-one ever really heard her Like she never quite existed As she[…]

Marshall Interview With Beki

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Over the course of your career, how has your live show changed? It’s become faster and louder but also more varied in some ways. It takes years of hard slog to become a confident performer and know which songs suit your voice and know the strengths and weaknesses of songs.[…]

‘Battle of Britain’ review by Odymetal

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We are talking about VICE SQUAD releasing their new album “Battle Of Britain”, composed, recorded and mixed by Beki and Paul Rooney, guitarist since 1997, in their personal studio. Beki Bond, the singer and guitarist has a distinct and slightly croaky voice which she can modulate on the various titles,[…]

News January 2021 and a look back at 2020

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We are currently working on a very special project covering some songs originally written and performed by a legendary and very loud band. Even though we can’t play live the wheels of the Vice Squad transit van are still turning metaphorically! All subscribers to our mailing list can get a[…]

Inside ‘The Story Of My Life’

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‘The Story Of My Life’ was originally written and recorded for ‘Defiant’ back In 2007 but we’ve given it the full lockdown treatment and it sounds very different to the original. Some may think it’s an anti-Christmas song but it’s really about the ever increasing commercialisation of Christmas, the unseen[…]

Vice-O-Lation Volume 3 NOW IN STOCK!

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Vice-O-Lation 3 CD EP is now in stock and ready to ship, it features 4 tracks ‘If I Knew What I Know Now’ ‘Ignored To death’ ‘When You Were Seventeen’ and ‘Defiant’. When you purchase the EP you will get a free download of ‘The Story Of My Life’, perfect[…]

Vice Squad – PowerPlay (UK) Magazine review 9/10

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Vice Squad have a long and distinguished history on the UK’s punk scene, with vocalist and rhythm guitarist Beki Bondage being a founder member for the band’s first incarnation in 1979. Beki later quit to front Ligotage and subsequently Beki And The Bombshells, and the remainder of the band split[…]

Inside ‘West End Stars’

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Beki: ‘West End Stars’ was written way back in the nineties and is about the freaks and outcasts of society getting to shine for a few hours in the unending pursuit of the ‘Saturday night swindle’ i.e the hope that the weekend will bring the romance and glory so lacking[…]

Battle of Britain Album

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The first rule of Punk is there are no rules and Vice Squad ably illustrate this with ‘Battle of Britain’. The 13 track album opens with the blistering ‘Ruination’ which cuts through the bullshit of small time promoters and blaggers with consummate swagger and melody while ‘I Dare To Breathe’[…]

Inside ‘Water”

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‘Water’ was first released on our London Underground album in 2009 and was a fairly fast punchy song. We decided to change it completely so rather than just slowing the riff down and/or replacing electric guitars with acoustic we rearranged it for piano and added a Spanish guitar solo. The[…]

Inside Antisocial Insecurity Lyrics

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‘Antisocial Insecurity’ was written back in the early 2000s and was featured on ‘Rich and Famous’ and ‘Defiant’. The song is about poverty and the drudgery of very low paid work and the humiliation of having to claim benefits. People with low socio-economic status have far less freedom than wealthier[…]

When You Were 17 CD EP

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Beki talks with writer Jennifer Upton about writing the song and making the video. Walk me through the genesis of how you develop new songs. Lyrics first? Music first? Does one person handle all the lyrics or it is collaborative with both words and music? Usually one of us comes[…]

Inside Sniffing Glue Lyrics

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’Sniffing Glue’ is the closest we’ve got to writing a love song and tells of taking speed and endeavouring to be ‘crusty’, which was considered to be very cool. I did actually wear a coke can ring on my finger but had no intention of getting married. Some of us[…]

Inside Princess Paranoia Lyrics

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‘Princess Paranoia’ is slightly self-mocking and explores a woman’s reaction to rejections both real and imagined and her increasing isolation and desire to avoid people. It’s not about Princess Diana, though of course as with all songs/lyrics it’s up to the listener to decide what it means to them. The[…]


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We have been asked by fans who do not own CD players or who wish to buy high quality downloads for us to make our latest EP’s available, so we have renewed our relationship with BandCamp and made the two current EP’s available with the option to donate to the[…]