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Thank You

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Welcome to our brand new VICE SQUAD website, our sincere thanks go to Axel Ko for putting this wonderful site together for us. Legions of Punks, Rockers and Alternative music lovers across the world pledged for our new album CARDBOARD COUNTRY in December 2014. The album was sent out via[…]

Vice Squad back in London town

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Nemesis To Go Review Right, then. Vice Squad at the 100 Club, twenty-first century style – well, it’s not going to be a re-run of that 80s gig I attended as a wide-eyed (and somewhat legless) young punk, now, is it? The 100 Club looks almost exactly the same now[…]

New album Cardboard Country released

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  A new album for December 2014 Cardboard Country features 13 new songs is now released via our highly successful Pledge Campaign. DIGIPAK ALBUM – Limited edition EP – T-Shirt – Downloadable album. You can read more about the new  album here    Electronic Eye is taken from the album Cardboard[…]