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Cardboard Country 2014

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  • Release date: 2014-12-03
  • Label: Last Rockers

Presented in a 3 panel digi pack with first rate artwork by American artist Landon Armstrong  ‘ Cardboard Country’ opens with ‘ And Then You Die’, which belies it’s grim title and boasts tight guitars a melodic syncopated verse and big, shouty chorus making it  a fitting opener for a politically aware yet massively enjoyable album. The pop genius of ‘If I Knew what I Know Now’ lifts the spirit with it’s ecstatic soaring chorus and instantly infectious guitar riff celebrating the folly of extreme youth, black studded jacket and all while ‘ The World Is Wrong ‘  sticks two fingers up to naysayers and doubters with it’s  massive sing along chorus and rocking riffs.

The title track ‘Cardboard Country’ is slower paced than usual with a groovetastic riff over layered drums and Beki spitting fury ‘We’re ruled by privilege and banking fraud, the rich are gonna crucify the poor’. ‘Punk Police’ speaks volumes about the divisions within the punk movement,the huge metallic riffs and insistent chorus stating the band’s position loud and clear.

‘Hallelujah Karma’ is in a class of it’s own and the production is excellent particularly considering that the song was recorded in the front room of a South London flat as opposed to an expensive residential studio.