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Welcome to our brand new VICE SQUAD website, our sincere thanks go to Axel Ko for putting this wonderful site together for us.

Legions of Punks, Rockers and Alternative music lovers across the world pledged for our new album CARDBOARD COUNTRY in December 2014. The album was sent out via Pledge with a bonus hand stamped EP ( limited to 500 copies ) and a Skullman patch. Some people pledged for guitars, t-shirts, lyrics and signed posters of the sleeve artwork.

We made videos in our home studio for the campaign but as Beki wasn’t keen on plugging her own work she left some of the promotional duties to her guitar tech/sound man Cliff Van Halen, who may look vaguely familiar to some of you.

Cliff now has his own fan club and regularly receives items of underwear through the post.

In keeping with the Cardboard Country theme we gave 5% of our sales to Shelter, a charity which provides a lifeline for the many people facing homelessness because of bad landlords and poor housing.

It was our first ever Pledge  campaign and we were amazed at how successful it was but with hindsight we would have kept it running for longer.

If you missed out on Pledge you can still get ‘Cardboard Country’ here.

Vice Squad are 100% DIY, we have no record company or management backing. Everything we do is generated from hard work, passion and the love and support of our friends. YOU make it possible.


Beki, Paul, Wayne & Django



Here are some sounds from our Soundcloud page.


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