Inside ‘Water”

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‘Water’ was first released on our London Underground album in 2009 and was a fairly fast punchy song. We decided to change it completely so rather than just slowing the riff down and/or replacing electric guitars with acoustic we rearranged it for piano and added a Spanish guitar solo. The lyrics are about redemption so they suit the Gothic – Punk – Blues twist we’ve given the song.

Shadows around the ceiling light
Like the shroud around my life
I can’t believe the years I gave
The time I spent that can’t be saved

My sins were great, my blessings few
Cursed by fate in all I do
Stripped away to what remains
Wipe the slate, be clean again

Water, I need water
I need water to wash away what it did to me

Future zero, faded dreams,
Never wanting to be seen
Running scared and lying low
A reject with no place to go

I did not mean to cause offence
It was my inexperience
And now I know the difference
I can’t take back my innocence

Got signed up, sold down the river
Second class, just a beginner
That old black dog is coming for dinner
Send the rain, baptise the sinners
Baptise the sinners

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