Battle Of Britain album review

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VICE SQUAD – BATTLE OF BRITAIN BY FUNGAL PUNK http://www.fungalpunknature.co.uk The art of perseverance is one of the few aspects of the human condition that I can genuinely applaud and encourage in others. It emanates a defiant passion, it exudes belief and it cultivates hope in many who are thinking[…]

Vice Of Spades Now on digital download

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We have just added Vice Of Spades to our BandCamp store HERE Available RIGHT NOW exclusive to the Vice Squad BandCamp BRAND NEW digital download : The Vice Of Spades EP. featuring whacked-out lockdown Country/Blues versions of four most loved and highly revered Motorhead songs, Ace Of Spades, Dancing On[…]

Vice Of Spades

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The lockdown has put an end to gigging, rehearsing and recording with the band but we have kept ourselves busy by recording acoustic versions of some of our songs and made videos at home for our ‘Vice-O-Lation’ project. We’ve embraced the DIY ethic for many years so we are used[…]