Behind ‘Ignored To Death’

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The title ‘Ignored To Death’ actually came from a Reeves & Mortimer comedy skit but the subject matter is deadly serious and the song explores the tragic results of isolation and loneliness. All her life she went unnoticed No-one ever really heard her Like she never quite existed As she[…]

Marshall Interview With Beki

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Over the course of your career, how has your live show changed? It’s become faster and louder but also more varied in some ways. It takes years of hard slog to become a confident performer and know which songs suit your voice and know the strengths and weaknesses of songs.[…]

‘Battle of Britain’ review by Odymetal

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We are talking about VICE SQUAD releasing their new album “Battle Of Britain”, composed, recorded and mixed by Beki and Paul Rooney, guitarist since 1997, in their personal studio. Beki Bond, the singer and guitarist has a distinct and slightly croaky voice which she can modulate on the various titles,[…]