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Vice Squad – PowerPlay (UK) Magazine review 9/10

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Vice Squad have a long and distinguished history on the UK’s punk scene, with vocalist and rhythm guitarist Beki Bondage being a founder member for the band’s first incarnation in 1979. Beki later quit to front Ligotage and subsequently Beki And The Bombshells, and the remainder of the band split[…]

Inside ‘West End Stars’

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Beki: ‘West End Stars’ was written way back in the nineties and is about the freaks and outcasts of society getting to shine for a few hours in the unending pursuit of the ‘Saturday night swindle’ i.e the hope that the weekend will bring the romance and glory so lacking[…]

Battle of Britain Album

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‘Battle of Britain’ album CDs are now available to ship! The first rule of Punk is there are no rules and Vice Squad ably illustrate this with ‘Battle of Britain’. The 13 track album opens with the blistering ‘Ruination’ which cuts through the bullshit of small time promoters and blaggers[…]