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Vice Squad – Punk Rock into 2018

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Hail Squaddies, We hope you all had a great Crimbo and are now preparing to stick two fingers up to 2017 and offer a warm embrace to 2018. In spite of 3 of us having Man Flu we managed to enjoy the last 3 gigs of the year at Dundee,[…]

Vice Squad Annual Xmas EP now available

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Here we have the wonderful Vern Van Halen, South London odd-job man and father of Vice Squad’s infamous roadie Cliff Van Halen, singing the Mega Wham hit Last Christmas which is the second track on Vice Squad’s annual Xmas charity CD release. The EP features, Vice Squad performing ‘Hey Mr[…]

Punk Online Review photo by Gary Trueman

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VICE SQUAD – 10.03.17: Live at Voodoo Lounge, Stamford, Lincolnshire. A couple of firsts for me last night, 1) first time I’ve been to the Voodoo Lounge in Stamford and 2) unbelievably the first time I’d seen Vice Squad live in their almost 40 year history. The result? The Voodoo Lounge is the basement[…]