Vice Squad Annual Xmas EP now available

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Here we have the wonderful Vern Van Halen, South London odd-job man and father of Vice Squad’s infamous roadie Cliff Van Halen, singing the Mega Wham hit Last Christmas which is the second track on Vice Squad’s annual Xmas charity CD release.

The EP features, Vice Squad performing ‘Hey Mr Christmas’ by Showaddywaddy and an old VS song reworked for 2017 entitled, ‘Where Are They All Now’.

To complete the Festive Four Track is a break-neck speed Metal version of the John Shuttleworth classic Y Reg sung by guitarist Paul.

Please support Vice Squad and grab a copy of this entirely DIY EP, – all CDs are made by the band personally and are individually numbered. This is a limited run of only 200 and we support many deserving causes with our DIY CD’s.